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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Alone at Last - I Fight All This Tears Lyric

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Tonight this critic and this trust
I'm going no where fast cause
I lead when i sing about my past
I'm writing just to let you know

Some how hard days stumble and stick
No one will understand so fast
Everyone's ready for there own jokes
It's getting stranger then i thought

My scream will fight this all tears
I spread my wings and i learn to fly
Out off the darkness i'll rise
Trying to make a change

I'm blind i really fuck up and drown
Got my past full of lies

I'm having trouble saying that i don't know a thing
I try my best grab my soul
And leave with dead poet

Everyone dies, every one love a fight
Nothing is sound, nothing in right side right
Nothing in the world could fail me now
I'm running down a life that won't cash out
One more, one more, one more minute
Sinking quick sand eyes
Made for an heavy sight
Now go to sleep
Nightmare make this all looks so creepy

Take me..
It make me lost and blurry
And who's gonna save me
Help me...she try to kill me...

Fight got to fight all this tears
Put a nail into ur heart
Fight got to fight all this tears
I know u know
Fight got to fight all this tears
What we fight for
Fight got to fight all this tears

Now tie me to a chair..are you sure ?
And im wake ?
Is hard for me to make believe wake up ?
We got to fight this all tears

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